Onsite Rentals

  • Wednesday, 13 May 2015 00:00
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Onsite Rental Group dramatically lifted productivity, improved its risk management and significantly reduced operating costs with an enterprise mobility solution on the Blink Mobility Platform.

Onsite Rental Group is a large equipment hire company with a focus on the construction and mining sectors. They employ around 500 people across 31 regional offices and more than 50% of staff are equipped with mobile devices.

Industrial equipment rental and service is not a sector regarded as being at the bleeding edge of technology, yet Onsite was determined to create an operations environment that supported innovation and growth and provided a clear competitive advantage. In 2012 Onsite Rentals embarked upon a program to mobilise its business operations and workflows, specifically:

  • The replacement of paper-based worksheets with real-time retrieve and dispatch data.
  • The solution had to be accessible across multiple business units and functions, and on a multi-use device.
  • The solution needed to be quick to market with a minimal impact on the internal IT team (due to its relatively small size of <10 people).


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