OneBlink - Forestry Corporation of N.S.W. 1

  • Monday, 03 October 2016 00:00
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NSW Forestry Corporation project co-ordinator, Russell Riepsamen talks to us about how the Blink Mobility Platform has helped his in-field workforce improve efficiency, have access to better data and improve workflows to his customers all while working in a low connectivity / no connectivity environment.


OneBlink unites your entire organisation in App development to remove the risks of slow or failed projects.

Unlike other tool sets, OneBlink is a complete rethink!

Our code-optional toolset makes true collaborative development a reality. As the only end-2-end App development environment that truly spans business users and IT, OneBlink is unique in its ability to scale ‘grass-roots’ development efforts into strategic projects, thereby de-risking and accelerating app development/ delivery.