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  • Tuesday, 26 April 2016 00:00
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New real-time event-driven and data-driven solutions are possible because of the convergence of IoT and proximity sensors , Intelligent Edge Services, Mobility and Cloud Services.

Whilst many organisations are only just getting started on transforming their business and operational processes using mobility, a new generation of event-driven and data-driven solutions is being made possible through the recent availability of very capable, low cost IoT technologies. These can be used together with emergent cloud-based software platforms that allow them to be harnessed into real-life bespoke solutions without having to rely on specific products from specialist software or solution vendors.

We really have entered a time where IT professionals and business leaders can look at their processes alongside these emerging technologies and think, “If only I could use these to….”, with the reality of having those solutions built, deployed and supported with relative ease.

The real challenge is not just going to be understanding and appreciating the myriad IoT developments, but how to integrate these technologies into real everyday solutions relevant to your organisation or practice. To be able to easily create activity-specific solutions that dramatically improve the everyday performance of different departments and job functions. We call this the move from ‘Hero apps’ to ‘Soldier apps’.

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OneBlink unites your entire organisation in App development to remove the risks of slow or failed projects.

Unlike other tool sets, OneBlink is a complete rethink!

Our code-optional toolset makes true collaborative development a reality. As the only end-2-end App development environment that truly spans business users and IT, OneBlink is unique in its ability to scale ‘grass-roots’ development efforts into strategic projects, thereby de-risking and accelerating app development/ delivery.

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