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The Blink Mobility Platform is an easy to use yet comprehensive development and management environment from which Councils are driving ALL of their mobile services and mobile enablement of existing systems – be that better customer service from external facing systems or internal efficiencies for staff from core business systems.

The internal apps deliver more efficient operations or respond to the needs for a safer workplace and work with or without network connectivity. Staff responsible for inspections and reporting (such as food safety or building approvals) can achieve many more inspections in a single day, with more and better quality of data captured in a single visit. Roles as diverse as arborists or beach lifeguards all reduce the amount of paperwork they’ve traditionally completed, entering data once only. While maintenance crews have access to the latest ‘work activity’ checklists to ensure compliance with safe work practices on a range of equipment.

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OneBlink unites your entire organisation in App development to remove the risks of slow or failed projects.

Unlike other tool sets, OneBlink is a complete rethink!

Our code-optional toolset makes true collaborative development a reality. As the only end-2-end App development environment that truly spans business users and IT, OneBlink is unique in its ability to scale ‘grass-roots’ development efforts into strategic projects, thereby de-risking and accelerating app development/ delivery.

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