OneBlink / BlinkMobile Quarterly Issue #1

  • Sunday, 01 June 2014 00:00
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Welcome to BlinkMobile’s first Technology Quarterly. Just like its much loved and respected namesake in The Economist magazine we’ve provided this as an online magazine that you can come back to when you please.

The Blink Mobility Platform is all about making it as easy as possible for organisations to improve their business processes by harnessing the power and capabilities of new mobile devices, cloud infrastructure and new innovations in web services, whilst linking in to their existing corporate systems. Through each of the articles in this edition you’ll see how the Platform has evolved to take advantage of new innovations and how it is consistently adding to the Enterprise class functionality that organisations should expect from a technology partner on whom they rely for running their mission-critical applications.

Amongst the many articles you’ll read about simplified app creation with the App Factory, the very private and personalised Enterprise Private Service (EPS) offering, our new Analytics Portal that’s become the gateway to all manner of useful business intelligence and how we’re making sure the Platform keeps pace with the best practices in security with OWASP and vulnerability scanning. For those with an interest in ‘what’s around the corner’ we’ve provided a window into upcoming projects.

Since this is our launch issue you’ll find plenty of news and commentary, and we expect that the constantly changing market needs and responsive platform developments will generate an equally healthy selection of articles in subsequent issues. We hope you find this initiative enlightening and useful, and we look forward to receiving your ideas and comments to improve BlinkMobile’s Technology Quarterly.


OneBlink unites your entire organisation in App development to remove the risks of slow or failed projects.

Unlike other tool sets, OneBlink is a complete rethink!

Our code-optional toolset makes true collaborative development a reality. As the only end-2-end App development environment that truly spans business users and IT, OneBlink is unique in its ability to scale ‘grass-roots’ development efforts into strategic projects, thereby de-risking and accelerating app development/ delivery.

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