OneBlink / BlinkMobile Quarterly Issue #4

  • Wednesday, 01 April 2015 00:00
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Welcome to our fourth issue of BlinkMobile Quarterly, our technology magazine for BlinkMobile partners and customers.

BlinkMobile’s jet-setting CTO, Alan Williams has chronicled his time at Mobile World Congress Barcelona with some valuable insights about Microsoft as well as context aware services.

Ovum’s Richard Absalom has submitted a piece highlighting how ‘hero apps’ get the glory but it is your ‘soldier apps’ that will win the war.

Our resident tech guru, Ron Waldon looks at all the variants of scanning technologies and how they apply to mobile devices.

Alan Williams pens his second article for this edition, cutting through all the analyst ‘as-a-service’ jargon to help you better understand the changing landscape of enterprise mobility platforms.

We profile Melissa Besgrove, BlinkMobile’s Partner & Events Manager as well as Ashish Tilara, BlinkMobile’s own little master.

David Burden from iProximity chats about improving the efficiency, reporting, scheduling and compliancy of facility management services through the use of beacons.

We feature one of our best ever user stories from our friends on the other side of the ditch. Mobile Mentor details how Westpac New Zealand developed a soldier app that’s shaping up as a ‘hero’.

Ray & Rachel talk about this quarters support ticket patterns as well as the release of the new administration login and dashboard.

Tony Harris, BlinkMobile’s smooth talking Chief Sales Officer updates us with new client and partner signings.

Finally, Sam Stephens takes all that’s promised by contextual apps & demonstrates use cases that are sure to get the creative ideas flowing about how you can do the same for your enterprise.


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