OneBlink / BlinkMobile Quarterly Issue #5

  • Tuesday, 01 September 2015 00:00
  • Written by 

Welcome back. After a 3 month hiatus due to the Partner and User Conference we again kick this issue off with all the bravado and clever reporting you have been accustomed to.

In this issue Alan Williams recounts his recent trip to London Technology Week and shares some of his key take-a-way messages.

Melissa looks at wearable technology and it’s potential in the enterprise.

For the first time, we feature an indepth technology breakdown of the Blink Mobility Platform.

We also share some happy snaps from BlinkMobile’s 10th birthday which saw Partners, clients, Politicians and local business owners celebrate the occasion with us.

Sam and Maggie are put under the staff profile microscope.

Ray, our resident support and device guru highlights the disconnect between OS versions and performance issues with devices.

Finally, an end to end use case is presented which highlights mobility, wearables and beacons and how they can be combined for a safer workplace.


OneBlink unites your entire organisation in App development to remove the risks of slow or failed projects.

Unlike other tool sets, OneBlink is a complete rethink!

Our code-optional toolset makes true collaborative development a reality. As the only end-2-end App development environment that truly spans business users and IT, OneBlink is unique in its ability to scale ‘grass-roots’ development efforts into strategic projects, thereby de-risking and accelerating app development/ delivery.

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