OneBlink Release - 20th September 2018

  • Thursday, 20 September 2018 09:00
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We’re excited to share our latest release, which includes some key features that have been requested by you, our customers. Drafts, Email Addresses and Passwords so you’re no longer restricted to gmail, and some additional permissions to give you more control over who is doing what in the console.

Save a Draft
If you need to close a form for any reason before it’s completed, you can now save it as a draft to come back to later. This incomplete form will be given a name and stored in the Drafts tab of your forms library.

From the Drafts tab you can see a list of your drafts, the associated form, and the date and time each were saved. Here you have the option to open, modify, complete or delete your draft.

Username and Password
When adding new users to the console you can now use any email address. To add a new user simply navigate to the user menu and click the plus button. You will be prompted for an email address and a switch to generate a password. That email address will receive the password and a link to enter the console.

Users Permissions
Console managers in an organisation are able to specify when creating or modifying a console user if the new user can manage other console and app users. This allows organisations to restrict who can modify users to a specific group of individuals.

Similarly console managers can also specify if a user is able to publish forms to the forms library. These settings are all managed from the User menu of the console.