OneBlink Release - 10th October 2018

  • Wednesday, 10 October 2018 00:00
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We are happy to announce our newest release. This release includes Console UI updates, multiple conditional logic for form elements, and a new element type. Read on for more information on these engaging new features!

Console Changes
In this release we have made some changes to the Console. Firstly the dashboard now shows form submissions by month, and a number of submissions for the current month. Showing you the how your forms are performing.

For your developers we have also added a Key menu. So now developers will be able to generate their own OneBlink Keys for Forms, Web Apps, APIs, and PDF, along with a unique key id and secret.

Multiple Conditional Logic
We have also added the ability to have multiple conditions placed on a form element. Using a switch, you can set the element to show if ANY or ALL of the conditions must be met before the element will be displayed. This can be extremely helpful when constructing more complex forms.

If you would like conditional logic explained in a bit more depth try our guide.

Captcha (I'm not a robot)
We are also introducing a new element type “Not a Robot”. This new captcha element is used to distinguish if a human or machine is filling out your form. Captchas are very useful for unauthenticated forms open to the public, ensuring that only real submissions are being made.